Peifer Waterjet Celebrates 10 Years in Business

January 9, 2020 2:23 pm Leave your thoughts

In 2009, Peifer Welding, Inc. (PWI) expanded it’s building and it’s business to include waterjet cutting. With a new 58,000 psi waterjet machine, PWI started it’s sister company, Peifer Waterjet. Prior to the waterjet machine addition, PWI used to farm out it’s cutting. Now Peifer Waterjet is a separate, successful entity providing cutting services for not only Peifer Welding, but also many other companies in the agriculture, art, construction, fabrication, machining, signage, space, transportation and waste water treatment industries. Because of it’s fabrication business, Peifer Waterjet specializes in cutting metal, however, they can also cut foam, plastic, rubber, stone and wood up to 6-inches thick.

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